People have different political opinions. Their views depend on who they are and what party they support. That makes writing an unbiased essay about any political topic crucial but challenging. It is vital to find reliable sources of information to ensure that you deliver neutral output without biased opinions about various political issues. You need to state all facts without missing a detail. Failure to obtain updated information can lead to a misguided conclusion. Writing a presidential election essay requires extensive research and excellent organizational skills to ensure that your essay flows and the readers enjoy it. You should first consider the needs and instructions of your professor. Start with a plan to help you identify all the information that you require. If you are looking to write an excellent presidential election essay, this article tells you everything that you need to know to deliver high-quality work. 

How to write a persuasive essay on the presidential election?

A presidential election is a long and complicated process that involves several steps. You need to familiarize yourself with all this information. After the introduction, you can briefly talk about the history of presidential elections in the US and point out the relevant changes in the process. Are there any significant events that led to the introduction of different policies and procedures in the electoral process? The elections take place in various stages, and each has its requirements. You should note them down with sufficient details for each. The information that you avail depends on the instructions provided by your instructor. However, there are details that you should not ignore. You must provide details on the dates and deadlines for each exercise. Are there remedies for delays and irregularities in any of the stages? Others include the requirements for being a presidential candidate. These are; being a natural-born citizen of the United States who is at least 35 years old and has lived in the country for not less than 14 years. What process is put in place to ensure that every candidate has met these requirements? Briefly explain what it means to be a natural-born citizen of the US.

essay on presidential election

It is important to note that the people do not directly elect the President and the Vice President. Electors choose them through the Electoral College process. That takes place in five steps. These are: First: Primaries and Caucuses, second: National Conventions, third: Election Campaigning, fourth: General Election, and finally the Electoral College. Explain what happens in every step and the reason for each. Point out the differences between the popular vote and electoral vote. What effect does it have on deciding the winning candidate? You can support each fact with an example where possible. You should also point out the steps taken in case of legal challenges during the process, including the role of the supreme court. It is also essential to state why the United States has an Electoral college and what happens if none of the candidates gets 270 electoral votes. 

2008 presidential election essay

The 2008 presidential election marked America’s 56th quadrennial election. It is essential to mention the candidates for each party and how each performed. Barack Obama vied with the Democratic ticket while John McCain held the Republican ticket. The former took the lead with 365 electoral votes while the latter garnered 175 votes. 56.9% of the popular vote went to Obama while McCain acquired 45.7%. With that, Obama became the first African American to be elected as president. You need to provide citation details for the results. It is advisable to rely on sources like government reports for reliable information. With that, you can be sure that the details are credible. 

2012 presidential election essay

The 57th quadrennial presidential election took place in 2012. President Barrack Obama and the Vice President Joe Bidden defended their seats against Mitt Romney who held the Republican ticket. Feel free to include more information about the candidates. For example, Mitt Romney was a Governor of Massachusetts while his running mate Paul Ryan was a representative of Wisconsin. Include the results by adding that Obama garnered 332 electoral votes while his opponent held 206 votes. The former had 51.1% of the popular vote while Romney acquired 47.2%. You can compare the results and note that Obama had fewer votes as compared to the 2008 elections. You can two give reasons for that. 

2016 presidential election essay

In 2016, Hillary Clinton became the first female presidential nominee for a major party in America. She held the Democratic ticket which lost to Donald Trump’s Republican ticket. You should point out the outstanding detail about this 58th quadrennial election. That is, it showed the power that the electoral vote has over the popular vote. Despite Hillary taking the lead with 48.2% against Donald’s 46.1% of the popular votes, the latter won. That is because he garnered 304 electoral votes while Clinton got 227 of them. With that, Trump became the 5th president in US history to lose the popular vote. You can also include other controversies and facts about the 2016 presidential election. 

Avail a short but captivating summary of your essay in the final paragraph. It is crucial to remain unbiased when giving your personal views. Also, avoid using undocumented information. Stick to facts and provide a citation for all your data. Confirm the reliability of your sources. That shows how extensive your research is. It also helps you come up with an accurate output. Your ability to include all relevant details in your essay determines its quality. Finally, you must go through your work to ensure that it is free of grammatical and syntax errors. With that, you can secure an exceptional score for impeccable work.